The most important thing you can do as an author, speaker, coach, consultant, or business owner, is to help your prospect develop trust in you or your brand.

It’s extremely difficult to gain trust in this information-overloaded world. Anyone and everyone can post whatever they want online, and people don’t know whom to believe.

Before giving you their repeated attention, never mind their hard-earned cash, they are wondering such things as:
— Is this person or brand telling the truth?
— Can I trust them?
— Do we hold the same values?
— Do they have my best interests at heart, or are they simply trying to make a sale, at any cost?
— Is this a fair price?
— Are they really an expert on this topic? How do I know?
— What happens if I give them my money and I don’t get the result I expect?

If your audience doesn’t fully trust you, it’s likely because of either what you’re saying, or how you’re saying it. Or you’re saying the right thing… to the wrong audience.

Your goal is to become THE trusted authority in your market, so your audience automatically turns to you whenever they have a problem related to your topic.

You need to understand what finally causes them to look for a solution to a particular problem.

What kinds of results they’re looking for.

What triggers will help them cross the trust threshold.

With which tone of voice they most resonate.

Which stories will put them at ease and help convince them they are making a good choice.

And lots more!

So as you are getting ready to send out that email, write that sales page, or write the script for your next webinar or other speaking engagement, take a look at all these factors and see what it will take for you to create trust, and then build on it.

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