Do you ever struggle to figure out what kind of information or content you should be sharing with your  audience?

If you are looking for lots of interaction, the absolute best type of information to share is entertaining information.

Top three things to know about entertaining content that gets you new leads:

  1. It helps you connect to your audience at an emotional level .
  1. It needs to be shareable. People like to share things and they’re more likely to share something if it’s entertaining in some way.
  1. It helps create brand awareness and loyalty among your audience. And that’s good for you because the more people that share your content, the more new leads you will get.

Here are the different types of entertaining content you can test with your audience: 

Informational Content

Some informational content is not especially entertaining and can be seen as very academic. So even if you’re sharing something informational, it must be engaging as well as useful. It should be something your audience can use, apply and learn from. Make sure it has some entertainment value!

The four parts that make up informational content are:

  • It must be relevant – It needs to be relevant to your audience’s personal experiences
  • It must be engaging – It must hold their attention
  • It must be valuable – Which means useful or educational
  • It must be inspiring – You want to inspire them to take action

Beautiful Content

Photographs are the easiest way to present beautiful content, but it could be a video or even an audio. Generally though, photos – and infographics – are easy to share. And “cute” can also be counted as part of this category. How many cat gifs does it take to be cute ? I don’t know; I’m a dog person myself but you get the picture. 😉

Funny Content

Think of the Dollar Shave Club. They share really valuable information about why people would want to buy their razors, and they’re very funny in the process. What other funny content have you come across lately? It’s usually pretty memorable, isn’t it?

Sex Sells

Sex! You know if you talk about sex you’re going to grab people’s attention. Sex sells! You may consider including sexual allusions along with at least one of the other types of entertaining content.

Inspirational Content

Tell stories of heroes or compelling events. Include pictures or videos. Inspirational content makes people feel good and gives them hope. Give them the idea that they can do something on their own. You want them to think, “If somebody else can do it, I can do it too!” This is why inspirational content is really valuable. Inspirational content also “inspires” your audience to take action.

Shocking, Weird & Scary Content

Entertaining content can also be something shocking, weird or even a little bit scary! The whole point is you want people to start talking about it and to create some buzz! That makes it shareable. It makes your audience connect with it at an emotional level.

Nostalgic Content

Do you have pictures from a reunion? Or from your home town from long ago? Something from your business’s history? Or even some world event that happened decades ago that’s really powerful that people connect to and is relevant to your audience? Remember, your goal is to connect with your audience at an emotional level. Nostalgic content can help you do that.

Combine several of the above!

You can look at something funny and weird. You can look at something that’s inspirational and beautiful. You could even look at something that’s weird and shocking. Think about all the different images and videos that you’ve seen out on the internet or on your TV. Under which of these categories does that content fit?

Often you will see that one piece of content actually employs three or more of these elements! Now you are really connecting with your audience!

So I hope this has been a valuable way for  to take a look at content and figure out how you can use it. If you’re interested in getting 30 days of great content to a flood of new leads then I invite you to join the course that I’m offering right now. Click the link below and tell your friends about it and I look forward to seeing you there.

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