30 Days to a FLOOD of New Leads!
 Content Marketing Blueprint 

Inspiring Invitations That Lead to Income

Trust is built on familiarity and
mutual understandin

The BEST way for business owners like you to develop that kind of relationship with your prospects is through consistent, reliable communication.

To earn trust, you need to create valuable, inspiring, engaging content (information!). Let me show you how to do it!

Why all the BIG companies have
content marketing strategies...
And you should too!

According to studies performed by the Content Marketing Institute: 

-- 200 million people use ad blockers. They never see your ads. They DO see useful, educational information that you create and share

-- Companies that consistently create and share quality content marketing experience 7.8 times more traffic to their sites than those that don't

-- Content produces brand recall, which increases engagement

-- While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates 3 times as many leads!

What to expect in this program...

You’ll discover exactly what content marketing is, the most common mistakes people make, and why you really need to have a content marketing plan.

Each day you will receive an email which will give you one or two simple tasks in order to create some content (useful information) that will help you be top-of-mind for your audience.

By the end of the 30 days, you will have created multiple pieces of engaging, high-converting content, and incorporated content creation into your daily habits. You won’t be able to remember NOT doing it nearly every day!

What would these results mean for you and your business?

  • If you could get several new clients a month from your content marketing strategy, how much would that be worth to you? What is that number? Go ahead, write it down, so you can LOOK at it!
  • If you shared new educational content consistently for 3 months - or 5 or 6 months - now how much is that worth to you? And imagine it growing exponentially!
  • What is your customer lifetime value? If you got double the number of new customers or clients 6 months from now, what would that do for your bottom line?
  • When you do the math, you can see that figuring out how to really do content marketing the RIGHT way can significantly increase your business, starting within just 30 days.

The results of this strategy will begin to show before the month is over. You will have people reaching out to you every day, friending and following you on social media, sending you messages about your products and services, and ultimately signing up to work with you.

 Content marketing is THE way to market
in the 21st century. 

For only $97, you will learn how to bring in new leads, day after day after day...

You will be well on your way to
content marketing that grabs attention and
captures new leads, in just 30 days.  

Deborah OwenFounder, CEO, Winning Content Strategy
I am very excited to be able to introduce you to this program, which is a combination of content creation with some copywriting tips (that is, educational information that will grab your audience's attention!).

If you want to do more to build brand awareness,
connect with your audience,
and convert leads into paying customers,
this program is THE best place to start!
Just click below and get started on your flood of new leads for only $97!

"Content marketing is both an art and a science..."

I didn’t even know what Content Marketing was or that it was a “thing” I should be taking seriously. I did write blog posts and Facebook posts but like many people, grew dismayed that it seemed only my Mum was reading them (and she isn’t exactly my target client!) and so my enthusiasm for doing this dropped off and knocked my confidence a bit.

I now know that content marketing is a “thing” that I absolutely must be doing in today’s crowded marketplace (both real and virtual) in order to get visible and build the all important know, like and trust.

Content Marketing is both an art and a science and - done properly and consistently - will boost your profile, position as expert in your niche, and ultimately, your profits.

Debbie is rapidly becoming the "go-to" person for all things "content marketing" and she already works with some highly respected 7-figure plus internet marketers, so you should take the opportunity to work with her while you still can!​

Kathy McCarthy, In-The-Pink Coaching 

"All easy to implement too!"

Do you need some direction with the content you put out to attract new clients? Or do you have the direction but no content? I've just had a call with Debbie Owen and in just over an hour, she's shown me where I can improve on what we're creating for all social media platforms and where to focus it, and more importantly, how to measure the ROI on what we're putting out. All easy to implement too. Thanks Debbie!

Ste Miller

"Her experience shines through..."

A sincere shout out for Debbie's coaching services. True professional who asks important, thought provoking questions as well as offers concrete action steps along the way. Her experience shines through, and besides having extensive experience and understanding of content, would also highly recommend her to other aspiring authors.

Gregg Roberts, CS Commercial Group
Just click below and get started on your flood of new leads for only $97!