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YOU are the EXPERT!

It’s not a big secret. If you want to become an authority in your market, you MUST have a book.

Many people think just having a chapter in a compiled business book is sufficient; it’s not.

You need a book filled with your ideas, your stories, and the successes ​of your customers and clients. And it has to have YOUR name as the author on the cover. THAT is what gives you REAL credibility.

Look, you know the competition is pretty fierce. How are you going to stand out in the market? What will encourage a prospect to contact you over all the other businesses offering the same service?​

For whatever reason, when you see the word "author" behind someone's name, you unconsciously give them a lot more credibility.​

If you are a coach, consultant, speaker, or other expert, having your own book positions you as a thought leader in your industry and opens the door to many new opportunities and profitable relationships. Being an author is absolutely critical to growing your business. 

Think about it. If you were to hire a professional - say, for example, a financial adviser - and you're considering three different people, would you be more or less likely to hire the one person who had actually written a book on the subject?

Of course, you would hire the person who had written a book!

But maybe you're saying, "I'm not that kind of professional. I'm a carpenter... or a hair stylist... or a food caterer..."

Perfect! You need a book too!​


Those professions are perfect for what I call, “ancillary topics”. In other words, if you own a hair salon, your chapters could be all about how to cut hair. But that would appeal mostly to other hair stylists.

As a stylist, if you want to appeal ​to your customers and have them buy the book off your shelf when they come in for their next appointment, your chapters could be all those ancillary topics like, “How to look great for your interview or date” or “Unique and stylish hair accessories” or “Dress for success”.

A realtor can ​sell a book with chapters about “How to prep your house for sale” and then “How to keep your house sale-ready even when you don’t plan to sell soon” or “How to fix common house problems that ruin your investment”.

A car salesperson ​could have chapters about “How to keep your car looking spiffy, inside and out” or “What to do when you have a roadside emergency” or “How to keep the kids safe in your car” or even “Car games to entertain everyone on a long trip”!

A doctor ​could write about “Nutrition guidelines for xxx age” and “How your health sets you up for success in relationships” or almost any other creative topic.

So you could be a roofer, a dermatologist, ​a financial planner, a banker, a toy salesperson... With a little creativity, the list is literally endless!

The Top 9 Reasons to Write and Publish Your Book Now

    • The #1 reason: When you show someone a book with your name on it, they automatically - and subconsciously - think of you as an authority, even if they never read the book. They think you are smarter and more interesting too. ;-)
      • Local news media - to whom you send your book - will start calling you and asking for your opinion, because you are the expert.
        • A book launch creates "buzz", which significantly boosts market awareness of you and your business.
          • A book helps you build your brand. What, exactly, is a "brand"? Seth Godin defines it as: "A set of expectations, stories, memories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another." You want to be the "chosen one".
            • A published book opens all sorts of doors that were previously closed, such as media and podcast interviews, speaking opportunities, and more. It seriously grows your business and increases your income.
              • You can use it to grow your email list by making various offers inside the book. When people opt in to get those offers, they join your list, which presents you with a number of additional benefits. When you write to your list regularly, sharing useful information, your authority and credibility grow even more. Now you have a list of fans whom you can survey for useful marketing information and to whom you can make additional offers.
                • You have a deep knowledge of a particular topic that will enhance people's lives. You have a moral responsibility share it. Do it for them.
                  • Writing a book helps you clarify your systems, process, and purpose. Do it for yourself.
                    • You become THE "go-to" expert in your niche or market. When people think of their core problem on this topic, they think of you first. The sooner you get your book published, the sooner people will start thinking of you!
Deborah OwenCopywriter, Author, Ghost-writer, Content Marketer

Deborah Owen helps business owners increase their Impact, Influence, and Income by developing profitable relationships with their prospects and clients through custom content and persuasive copywriting.

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