Leads and sales is all about marketing. So if you don’t have a consistent, steady flow of new leads, converting into paying customers, you probably have a marketing problem.

So let me ask you: is your marketing strategy a little haphazard? Do you wonder how to increase your return-on-investment and get more leads and paying customers?

See if you match any of these top 6 problems faced by other small business owners:

1 – A lack of resources

This could mean time, money, people, or knowledge. When you are busy actually running your business every day, it’s challenging to come up with ways to meet this lack of resources.

2 – Poor understanding of social media

There are more than one billion people who are active on Facebook. And more than 100 million use Instagram every month.

If you aren’t taking full advantage of the social media platforms most often used by your ideal client, you are missing out on hundreds of opportunities to get in front of your core audience.

3 – It’s challenging to keep up with changing trends and technology

Unless you have a staff member whose primary job is to keep up with industry and market trends, it’s a struggle to know what the “latest and greatest” is.

The problem? Most of your competitors are figuring out how to do it… somehow.

4 – Lack of a marketing plan or strategy

As tempting as it is to just slap something together and send it “out there”, shockingly, this doesn’t usually work very well!

If your marketing doesn’t have a focus, your prospects and customers don’t focus on you either. Unfortunately, this goes back to problem #1.

5 – Expecting immediate results from long-term marketing tactics

This comes from not fully understanding how marketing works, and goes back to the problem of not having a plan.

6 – Not getting enough referrals

Word of mouth is not scalable, but it is still an important component of any business’ growth. It’s so important, in fact, that you can, and should, encourage referrals by offering incentives.

New customers are more likely to walk in, ready to buy, if they have a friend or family member who has already recommended your product or service.

There is another way!

If you would like to know a tried-and-true method to increase leads and sales, a method used by the most successful businesses around the world, of all sizes, please sign in below to download our short free ebook, “Guaranteed Customer Conversion for Small Businesses!”

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