Head down, one light left on in the house, darkness outside the windows. My husband kissed me goodnight a couple of hours ago.

Even the dog who always lies at my feet has gone upstairs to bed. “Et tu, Terra?”

This week, Neil Patel came out with a new book about hustling. I haven’t read it, and even though I love Neil, and learn a ton from him, I don’t plan to read it. I do enough hustling as it is.

I have been studying productivity for about 3 years now, as I am constantly trying to become more efficient with my time.

I even joined a group on FB specifically intended to help people “get s&$# done”. Eighteen months later, that group now has over 4000 people in it. Clearly I am not the only one looking to become more efficient.

Since May, I have been in a small online mastermind group where we meet virtually each week. We hold each other accountable for what we said we were going to do over the past week, and we help each other solve technical, logistical, and mindset challenges.

In this group I receive: accountability; mentoring; peer relationships; critical connections.

This group has been invaluable to me, because we all come from the same type of training (we were at a business-building retreat together earlier this year), and are all headed toward the same types of goals.

Yet I still find myself in that late night situation too often, alone in the dark, typing on my computer.

This is where I am being real with you.

I know a lot about marketing. I know a lot about writing. I know a lot about relationships, mindset, and productivity.

Yet many days I still have trouble putting it all together.

I am still up late at night, after already working for 10, 11 hours. Again.

I am still on too many email lists that distract me; I should unsubscribe.

I am still ignoring critical tasks in my business, because it is easier to do other tasks.

I still make stupid decisions that I know better not to make.

Having said all that though, I also know I have come a long way.

Just 3 years ago I was teaching. I loved the kids, and was passionate about teaching them the skills they need to know to be truly successful in this information age.

But there was a lot of other “stuff” to deal with as a teacher, and I got tired of it. I had also reached the pinnacle of my profession by achieving National Board Certification, as well as an additional tech-ed certification, and being published in peer-reviewed journals. I needed new challenges. And I craved more autonomy.

So I started my own business from scratch.

I took online marketing courses, attended a slew of marketing events to meet people and learn more in-depth strategies, studied for coaching certifications, and tried to get traction as a parenting and youth mindset coach.

Along the way, I received top-notch marketing training, worked with, and wrote for, some of the most successful online marketers in the world, and made tons of connections.

I won’t go into the details of how I got from there to here in just over a year. Maybe another time.

Suffice it to say, I have currently transitioned the majority of my biz focus from parent and youth coaching, to business and marketing coaching, training, products and services.

I now have tons of knowledge about marketing, and I have a number of high-level connections within the IM (internet marketing) world. And I am a pretty darn good writer.

I am also very excited because I have a pretty big goal for my business now: by using my own knowledge, connections, and teaching and writing skills, I will positively impact 1000 small business owners in New England over the next three years, through the power of local in-person mastermind groups.

I am starting the first couple of masterminds in Westford and Acton, and am looking forward to getting going in Lowell soon too.

If you are in the Boston area and want to be part of this mission, please let me know!!

So it is time to stop the late nights. To actually apply all I know about productivity, and get more sleep, more time to exercise, and more time to do personal things, like be with my family!

I KNOW what to do. I do it every day. And I am doing it more and more EFFICIENTLY every day.

You know what to do too. Are you ready to do it more efficiently?

I am a work in progress. I want to be partnered with others who are also enthusiastically a work in progress.

Is that you?

If you are a New England local business, please contact me at winningcontentstrategy AT gmail.com and we’ll get you started in a mastermind group.

Teach each other. Learn from each other. Bring me to your meetings, along with my 7-figure connections from around the world.

You’ll get accountability, peer support, mentoring, and worldwide connections.

Let’s do this. Together.

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