Small Business Owners:
Here's How To Get 5 New Clients To
Walk Through Your Door, Each and Every Week

"Where will I get new leads and sales?"

I hear this question over and over from small business owners who are still looking for success. I even hear it from many established business owners, who – rightfully – want to stay on top of market trends.

When struggling to get new clients, most small business owners don’t realize they are likely putting all their attention on one source of leads, and ignoring the others.

What I tell them – and you, if you are like them at all – is that you need to set up systems using all three traffic sources in order to have a viable business:

  • Organic traffic. People "discover" your business through some kind of search, or even just going past your office or storefront. Organic traffic also comes from posting educational content on a variety of social media platforms, in a variety of formats. 
  • Paid advertising. comes to you from such places as Facebook ads, Google or Bing ads, solo email drops, banner ads, and even local print marketing such as in brochures, sponsorship banners, and direct mail.
  • Endorsed leads, or referrals. Referrals are the most valuable traffic sources because when someone recommends you to their friends, it provides automatic social proof. When referred leads come to you, they are already more qualified prospects.​

Although it is well known that paid traffic is the #1 best way to get consistent, predictable leads and sales, the other two methods of lead generation are extremely important too.

Once you’ve set up systems to get new leads from all three sources, the next problem you face is, "How do I leverage that traffic to grow my business?"

There’s a one-word answer: Marketing.

Great marketing does three things well (these are the ABCs of Marketing):

    • Attract attention
    • Build brand authority
    • Convert your audience

However, many small business owners have no idea how to do these three things at all, never mind being able to do them well!

Take a look at your current marketing strategy and ask yourself:

  • Do I have a marketing plan, complete with goals and objectives?
  • Do I really and truly understand what drives my perfect client?
  • How much valuable, useful information can I publish?
  • Where can I publish that information/content? Is it building my brand authority?
  • Where can I promote all this great content so it attracts attention?
  • Am I able to measure how effective my marketing is? Is my audience converting?

Can you answer these questions right now, and take action? Are you set up for marketing success?

If you CAN'T answer these questions, it's extremely likely you are making one or more common marketing mistakes.

If you don't have a consistent marketing strategy that is bringing you 5 new, qualified leads every week, like clockwork, then you are losing both prospects and profits!

Which of these 10 totally avoidable mistakes are preventing you from getting consistent new clients and customers?  

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Deborah Owen

Award-winning podcaster, best-selling author, copywriter, and content marketing specialist, Deborah Owen is the founder of Winning Content Strategy. This content marketing company helps small business owners attract attention, build brand authority, and convert your audience by developing mutually profitable relationships through engaging and inspiring copy and content.