Will your ideal prospective customer remember you when they are ready to make a purchasing decision?


While there is some question about the accuracy (and origins) of the numbers, we are often told that 20 years ago, consumers were exposed to 2000 messages a day, and that number is now around 5000 messages a day.

Regardless of the true number, I am sure you know it’s pretty high! We really are completely inundated with information. All day long.

It’s hard to remember!

Because of this constant bombardment of information and messages, we have trouble remembering what we did at 2:15 three days ago. And many people also have trouble remembering the name of the notary who helped them sign an official document 3 weeks ago.

So when your prospect is really ready to buy a product or service that you provide, it’s very likely they won’t remember you, your company, or your brand.

Whether you are an online business, focusing mostly on coaching and/or education, or a brick-and-mortar business, counting on lots of foot traffic, if prospective customers don’t remember you, what can you do about it?

Stay top-of-mind

You must focus on creating the brand recognition that is the lifeblood of any viable business. Because your prospects are not all ready to buy at the same time.

Some will be ready to buy today.

Some need a little more time or information.

Some need to develop more trust with you and your brand.

Some are only beginning to look for information.

Be prepared for the fact that your message WILL get buried. Just continue to create valuable content. Eventually, that familiarity will build trust in the mind of your prospect.

When you post something, don’t add to the “clutter”. In addition to being valuable, your content must also be engaging, relevant, and inspiring.

Create text, video, audio, and interactive content that captures your prospect’s attention.

Post frequently on social media. Sponsor local events. Send out print newsletters that are 100% guaranteed to land in your prospect’s mailbox (you can’t say THAT about email!).

This is one of a series of articles about relevant, valuable, engaging, and inspiring content as part of a profitable content marketing plan.

It’s your turn! What did you find most valuable in this post? What action will you take now, to make sure you don’t add to the clutter too, but still manage to stay top-of-mind?

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