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Content is NOT king!

“Content is king”. You hear that ALL the time. But I disagree. Content is NOT king! Yes, content is absolutely essential for a business to be successful. And I don’t mean just any old content. It has to be GREAT content. But we’re at a point now where great content is a given. If you […]

Non-text content marketing to get attention and engagement

Are you a small business owner who doesn’t enjoy writing? Perhaps you’re just tired of writing and you want something different? Or maybe your audience doesn’t like to read as much as they like other forms of content. If that’s the case, I’ve got some great tips for non-text content and information that will capture your audience’s […]

Let me entertain you! Your guide to entertaining content

Do you ever struggle to figure out what kind of information or content you should be sharing with your  audience? If you are looking for lots of interaction, the absolute best type of information to share is entertaining information. Top three things to know about entertaining content that gets you new leads: It helps you connect […]

How to A.M.P. Up Your Small Business This Week!

Like many small business owners, Ted feels like he is banging his head against the wall. He has a local professional services company where he constantly needs to be finding new clients. Many people call it “prospecting”, which brings to mind both the image of knocking on doors of completely cold prospects, and the image […]